Why choose a portable heater?

Portable heaters are a practical way to feel comfortable at home, and can be set up quickly when you need them.

Much more economical than a conventional heating system, they efficiently heat living rooms and bathrooms and even spaces that don’t require continuous heating, such as garages. They also come in handy if there’s an issue with the boiler.

Choosing the right mobile heater depends on what you’re using it for, room coverage, heat up speed, noise level and more. We've put together a list of questions to ask yourself to help you with your purchase.


Instant Comfort Aqua


Mini Excel Eco Safe


Vectissimo 2400


Silent Comfort 3-in-1


The different electric heating technologies

Classic Fan Heater technology

  • Heat experience similar to a hair dryer
  • Direct and instant heat
  • Affordable product with low prices
  • Compact, easy to transport and store

Ceramic fan heater technology

  • Heat experience similar to a sauna
  • Direct, all-over and gentle heat, in an instant
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Compact, easy to transport and store
  • Ultra fast heat-up
  • No smell of burning thanks to the filter

Convector heater technology

  • Heat experience similar to central heating
  • Even and steady heating, whenever you need it
  • Silent

Oil heater technology

  • Heat experience similar to a fireplace
  • Smooth, inaudible heat that lasts
  • No dry air
  • Robustness
  • Combi 2 in 1 fan + heater technology

  • Year-round appliances with heat as main function and fan or filtration as secondary function
  • No need for multiple appliances
  • Best offer with higher prices
  • How to choose your mobile heater

    What you're using it for

    The first question to ask yourself is what will I use it for?
    • Personal use: Need a compact heater with limited room coverage for instant, direct heat when sitting on the sofa or working from home?
      • Choose a classic fan or ceramic fan heater.
    • Bathroom use: Need a heater for bathroom use for all-over, gentle and rapid heating?
      • We recommend a classic fan or ceramic fan heater compliant with international standards (IP norm). The IP norm indicates the appliance’s level of protection (motor and heating element) against penetrating liquids and solids
    • Full room use: Looking to warm up the entire room with a smooth, silent & durable heat from a medium or large heater?
      • Then we recommend a convector or oil heater.
    • Year-round use: Get optimal comfort with multifunctional appliances no matter the season.

    Power (W)

    To get the power you need, there are two important things to consider
    • Power in Watts: The higher it is, the more efficient it is. That means the desired temperature is reached quicker.
    • Surface area to be heated: For any type of heating, it takes about 100 W to heat 1 m².

    Noise level

    If you are using an electric heater, it is essential to get maximum comfort without any disturbance. To enjoy the heat without any background noise, pay attention to the noise level in dB(A). The lowr it is, the quieter the appliance will be.

    Eco setting

    Care about both your comfort and the planet? Then pay attention to the eco function. By selecting eco mode, your heater uses half of its maximum power (e.g. 1 300 W instead of 2 600W). That way, you save up to 50%* of energy while maintaining a comfortable room temperature of 19°C. *Vs Position max/ vs thermostat max

    Thermostat function

    Mechanical or electronic thermostat?
    Mechanical thermostats are easy to use, whereas electronic thermostats are more precise in controlling the temperature, and more comfortable to use. The thermostat is used to switch the appliance on and off. It maintains the temperature at the level of your choice to avoid over-consumption.

    The different features of our electric heater

    Our customers can tell you better than we can


    Very effective product, and ideal for the living room. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

    Benjamin D, 01/02/2021

    Very satisfied with my purchase, and with the discount which meant I got it for 50 instead of 40 euros! I have a 20m2 apartment with two rooms, and it heats the room up really quickly. It's great."

    Perle M, 05/01/2021