How to choose the best cooling solution for you?

When summer arrives, we’re always looking for the best air solutions to feel cooled and refreshed. From fans to portable air conditioners, Rowenta has developed a series of solutions to alleviate discomfort in the heat.


Turbo Cool +


Turbo Silence Extreme +


Eole Infinite


When performance meets silence

With unpredictable weather and heat waves more frequent than ever before, Rowenta knows the importance of feeling cool without the noise. That’s why we have mastered the balance between performance and silence.

Ideal for use when watching TV, working, studying, or if you or your baby are sleeping - our fans will be your go-to when the temperature rises.


Which fan suits your lifestyle?

Desk & Stand Fans: For moderate/intense refreshment

By setting the air in motion, a fan provides refreshment without modifying room temperature. With all the compactness of a table fan, it can be placed next to the bed or on a desk.

Perfect for larger rooms and cooling multiple people at once, stand fans offer powerful performance. Experience the perfect balance between performance and silence for total comfort.

Tower Fans - For moderate refreshment

With a slim design, tower fans are a great choice for medium to large rooms where floor space is limited.

Combi - Eclipse 2in1 cooling

Refreshment in summer and purifying the air no matter the season, embrace the all-in-one air purifier and bladeless fan all year round.

Portable Air Conditioner - Powerful Cooling

A cooling solution that allows you to lower the temperature by a few degrees, so that feeling of freshness continues after the appliance is switched off. Easy to install and store.

How to choose the right fan for you

How much space do you have?

Fans come in different sizes: from smaller models that sit on your desk, to taller standing fans that blow air around the room.
  • For a space saving option, choose a desk or tower fan.
  • If you want intense refreshment for a large room, we recommend a stand fan.

How powerful does my fan need to be?

Fans offer differing levels of performance.
Their performance is usually measured via airflow and airspeed:
  • Airflow is the ability to refresh a wide scope, generating in cubic meters per minute. To refresh a large room and several people at the same time, the stronger airflow, the better.
  • Airspeed is the cooling intensity, expressed in m/s (=speed)

Noise level

There’s nothing more irritating than unbearable background noise. At Rowenta, we design our fans so that you feel cooled - but in silence. This scale will help you to figure out the right amount of decibels (dB(A)) for a fan:
  • >55dB(A): suits all activities
  • <49dB(A), ideal for a nap or in TV room
  • <38 dB(A): night mode for a quiet night
At Rowenta, we propose different ranges, according to your needs.

Energy consumption

Many believe that a fan consumes a lot of energy and leads to a costly bill at the end of summer. Well, they’re wrong! Most fans are in fact very low energy. Be sure to check how much power the fan consumes, which is indicated in Watts.

Comfort settings

Take a look at the other criteria that could make your fan usage easier:
  • Speed options: Adjustable speed modes can improve the fan’s usability and energy efficiency.
  • Auto-off function: Take advantage of the auto-off function and timer, helping you save on energy.
  • Remote control option
  • Air diffusion: Automatic oscillation and orientation ensure wide air diffusion throughout your room.
  • Adjustable height to manage airflow and direction

Why Portable Air Conditioners is your best choice to cool down your room?

The ultimate refreshment

Portable air conditioners will give you all the refreshment you need by renewing the air in a room. They do this by sucking warm air out and replacing it with cooler air - to quickly reduce the room temperature.


Mobile air conditioning power is expressed in KW (as on the energy label). This value indicates the cooling capacity of the device. The higher the value, the larger the room to be cooled. According to this capacity, the recommended coverage area of the air conditioner is calculated in m2 or m3. We recommend providing 100 W per m2(for a standard ceiling height of 2.50 m).


Because small is the new cool!

Thanks to their compact size, portable air conditioners don't need a lot of space to cool down a large room. Not only that, they’re also easy to maneuver with their built-in wheels. And in comparison to other cooling systems, the portable air conditioner doesn't need to be installed by a professional.

Limited energy consumption

All air conditioners have an energy label indicating their efficiency, from A+++ to D. The Rowenta standard is A. A higher rating means lower running costs and reduced energy consumption.

Our devices also have an eco-mode, which means you can stay comfortably cool while limiting your energy consumption.

Comfort settings

Make usage easier with other features to suit your needs:
  • Our portable air conditioner has a control panel for ease of use
  • Auto Mode means you can leave your portable AC running without without worrying about it
  • The length and the shape of the tube is adaptable to all interiors and easy to set up

Let's compare the different cooling solutions

Our client's reviews


Really quiet. The first speed is enough to ventilate well , perfect for even a small room.

Christian D. / Ref : VU5870F0

Very quiet and powerful.

Alexandre F./ Ref : VU5870F0

It does the job perfectly by cooling rooms quickly and makes no noise which is nice for sleeping. It is also light and easy to change rooms according to one's needs.

Ludovic P. / Ref : VU6670F0

Perfect quiet and efficient!!!

Chrisitne V